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Flower’s Boarding House Mitte

When I first started traveling to Berlin for business I started staying at Flower’s Boarding House in Mitte. It costs about the same as a decent business hotel such as the Hilton, but is a lot more personal. It gives you a bit more space and a small kitchen so you can do the occasional […]

Trippen’s Hot Shoes

Okay, I have a thing for shoes so indulge me here. And I don’t mean Louboutin’s or Manalo’s-I mean shoes that are a little bit different-urban shoes with street cred, shoes with courage, shoes that the fashion victim or prissy princess may pass by. If this resonates for you (whoever you are, man, woman or […]

Blaues Band Cafe

Blaues Band is a favourite café for brunch or lunch; cool and airy, especially in these hot summer days. Its a great spot to take a break from retail therapy in the surrounding fashion district; or to meet friends for brunch or after-work cocktails. We usually opt for the fantastic Scandinavian Breakfast (for 2) which […]

Lutter & Wegner

If you’re up for one of the best Wiener schnitzels in Berlin or are entertaining business guests then Lutter and Wegner will have to be on your list of places to eat at. I regularly use this restaurant for business entertaining and at lunch it has a decidedly international feel. While visiting business people are […]

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