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The Circus Hostel Berlin

The Circus Hostel Berlin has more or less taken the city by storm. It is in a great location and gets rave reviews from everyone who goes there. It is not the cheapest hostel in town, but it is certainly one of the nicest. The beds start at  €19 or so for a dorm room […]

Vau Berlin Review: One of Berlin’s Best Restaurants

Michelin stars don’t often come in a cooler setting than Vau Berlin. This is a city that has many good restaurants but this has to count as one of the best. The ambiance is fantastic. The setting, right in the middle of Mitte, just a few steps away from the scenic Gendarmenmarkt, is about as […]

Baxpax Hostels Berlin Mitte

Hostels and other cheap backpacking places usually come in two varieties; cheap, cheerful and fun to be in or horrible, dirty and flea ridden. There is seldom a middle ground. Fortunately the Baxpax hostels in Berlin are of the clean and fun variety. Their Mitte Hostel is really close to some of Berlin’s best unofficial […]

Dolores: Berlin’s best Burritos

Really good burritos are hard to come across in most parts of Europe. For Americans this is an especially tough discovery given the amazing Mexican food you can get in California and Texas. Fortunately there is somewhere to ease that craving. Dolores in Berlin has a great selection of burritos. These come wrapped or in […]

Dada Falafel Berlin Mitte

You might not think that Falafel is anything to get excited about. You’ve had one falafel, you’ve had them all, right? Wrong! You haven’t eaten falafel unless you’ve been to Dada (or lived in Lebanon for half your life). Their food is great, delicately spiced with coriander, turmeric and cumin. This makes it deliciously fragrant. […]

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