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GM26: East Berlin Cool in the Cold Heart of West Berlin

West Berlin has a lot going for it, from the amazing lakes and woods to broad, tree-lined avenues. But it still lacks a bit of the edgy cool that characterises East Berlin and neighbourhoods such as Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain. That is starting to change with the opening of GM26, a new and super-cool coffee […]

The Restaurant Pasternak – A taste of Jewish and Russian Food in Berlin

There is nothing that says Jewish or Russian food quite like Blini with salmon, horseradish sauce and sour cream (except perhaps for Borshtsh, Latkes or Kreplach). Whatever your fancy, whether Russian food, Jewish food or just good old winter-warming food, you won’t be disappointed by the Restaurant Pasternak in Berlin. Pasternak is a firm favourite of […]

Meierei Berlin: A Little Taste of Alpine Heaven

You know you’re onto something good when you see people queueing up early on a Sunday morning outside a bistro to be sure they are in time to get a table at the opening, or just to grab a little pastry and coffee to take home. That’s just the first hint that Meierei Berlin is […]

The Paris Bar: Berlin at its Most Arty

The Paris Bar is one of those places that is best experienced and seen rather than described. But to really experience it you have to drop all of your preconceptions. First forget the fact that it is called a bar, because you come here to eat. Then drop all ideas of what a good French […]

Café Hilde Berlin

A really cozy little cafe and bar that is a real treasure for everything from a lazy Sunday breakfast over one of the many English-language magazines that are scattered about to a night of live, original music. Café Hilde is owned and run by a friendly pair, one German and one Irish and they’ve done […]

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