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See the CIA’s maps of divided Berlin and the zones of occupation

The CIA has just declassified some really cool material including this awesome map of occupied Berlin showing the different zones of occupation. You can find more of the maps that the CIA has released here

The Berlin Wall: Facts I Bet You Never Knew

It is a bit unfortunate that a city as amazing as Berlin has ended up being largely defined by the Berlin Wall. That said, this was a pretty stark division of a city in living memory and its traces are still everywhere, not just in the city’s architecture but also in the minds of its […]

Summer in Berlin: A Few Watery Tips to Fill the Lazy Days

Berlin’s natives can be laconic at the best of times. Ask them about summer in the city and they will shrug or mumble. A few might even complain about the weather. I think it is all because they are intent on trying to keep a secret — that while tourists flock to Berlin for the […]

Mauerpark Berlin: The Craziest Flea market You’ll Ever See

  For a taste of Berlin at its wackiest and most wonderfully eccentric you have to head over to the Mauerpark Berlin over a sunny, summer weekend. The main attraction here is a huge old flea market (in German its known as the Mauerpark Flohmarkt) that has hundreds of stalls selling the most amazing assortment of treasure […]

Berlin Architecture: Paradise for Building-Spotters

Ask a Berlin architect about the city’s buildings and they will drone on and on about Karl Friedrich Schinkel, the city’s great Prussian builder who designed the Alte Museum on Museum Island and the Neue Wache on the Unter den Linden avenue. In fact they love Schinkel so much that it seems as if just about every architect […]

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