Unsichtbar: Berlin’s Dark Restaurant

So my girlfriend and I have been talking about going to eat at Berlin’s dark restaurant for ages. Our husbands’ refused to join us – declaring the concept “gimmicky” “overpriced”. “Yes”, we agreed , but the experience of eating and negotiating the social restaurant experience in pitch darkness, would be worth it. So off we went….

We were not disappointed. You arrive in a very minimalist and frankly visually uninteresting lobby area (I suppose that’s the point) where everything is explained and you’re given the opportunity to make your selection from the menu. There are options of vegetarian, beef, fish or chicken based menus or the surprise menu. The menus (which you can also view online) don’t really give away what you’ll be eating so even if you don’t choose the surprise menu, you will have to rely on your taste to determine what you’re actually eating. Having made these decisions and being given some Prosecco on the house since we had to wait a while to be led to our table, our waiter arrived. We were told to make a train with hands on eachothers’ shoulders and let into the blackest most impenetrable darkness. Our table was against a wall, which helped us to orientate ourselves and place our drinks glasses in relative safety. We soon stopped pointlessly straining our eyes and really, really relaxed. You can feel the hugeness of the place, hear many people chatting and laughing (and the occasional glass shattering) but not see anything. You could take your shoes (or indeed your clothes off, should you be so inclined), make funny faces, eat with your hands (inevitable) and yawn or scratch with impunity. Nobody can tell. You completely lose sense of time, space and self-consciousness. And without visual distraction we were able to listen to eachother and connect in a more focussed way.

The food was good enough, if not exciting. Unfortunately my girlfriend landed up with my fleshy starter (which she managed in good grace and could spit out without concerns for social niceties) and that aside working out what we were eating was interesting.

So yes, while its pricey (50 to 60 euros a head including drink) it’s a great once-off experience. And while you could really be anywhere in the world-its not especially Berlinisch-it’s a fun thing to do here on a night out.

Check out the website and details below:


10119 Berlin

Tel: 030 24342500

U-Bahn Weinmeisterstraße on the U8

Booking is advisable.

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