Fleischerei Restaurant: At last a good steak in Berlin

Fleischerei (www.fleischerei-berlin.com) is one of those restaurants in Prenzlauer Berg that we often found ourselves looking into wistfully. The idea of eating good meat, especially steak in Berlin always appeals, but the classy scene in Fleischerei (fabulous chandeliers and crisp white linen napkins against a backdrop of white tiles, metal swing doors and meaty photos echoing the butcher shop which once stood on this site) spoke of ‘date night’ and partying, rather than early dinner with the kids. So… we were delighted when we found ourselves sans boys, with an hour to spare, before a gig at the Volksbar. We hadn’t reserved a table (advisable on a week-end night) but were graciously and comfortably seated at the well-stocked bar. We ate some super-fresh warm bread with delicious Aioli dip while we waited for our food (not too long at all) and enjoyed wine by the glass (an intense Malbec and a divinely vanilla-toned Rioja). Since we were in a hurry, we couldn’t languish over 3 courses (next time!) so we opted for the Steak Tartar (€18 for 180g) and the Entrecote with caramelised onions, oven baked tomatos and sliced roast potato (€25). The Steak tartar was the ‘real deal’ according to my husband who knows his meat and my Entrecote was buttery soft and really tasty. My only complaint was that the potatoes could have done with a little more cooking and crisping and that initially I found the cold caramelised onions a bit jarring together with my warm steak and other veg-but perhaps that was the point….? This little quibble aside, we agreed that while Fleischerei is pricey, the quality of the meat is good and we rated the service and ambience pretty highly too.

As we dashed off to catch Eric Eckhart (ericeckhart.com) and his band, we agreed we’d definitely be back.

Fleischerei is open evenings from 18h00 till late

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