The Best Kindercafe Berlin

Here’s a quick list of a few of the contenders that we think could easily compete in a contest to find the best Kindercafe Berlin. The truth is, however, that there are so many absolutely awesome ones out there that it is hard to choose. You will be quite spoiled for choice in Berlin so you may just be best off looking for some of the ones that are closest to you using the map on the top of this page (Berlin for Kids).

But here is a quick summary of what we think are three of the nicest Kindercafes in Berlin.


1 – Meerchenhafen (previously BaLou)

This is our latest discovery in west Berlin. It is an absolutely grown up and civilised little place with a lovely carpeted area with couches and cushions where you can lie about and the kids can play. It is perfect for little ones that are just crawling. Bigger kids (up to about 6 or years old) will find plenty  to occupy themselves with in a play room out the back. The cafe is also part of a bigger centre that offers courses and exercise and a variety of other attractions to pregnant women and new moms). You can find out more about its courses here. They also serve really nice coffee and salads.s


2 – Kiezkind

Kietzkind is a long-standing favourite of ours. In summer it is great because the kids can run wild in the playground next door (it is really awesome with a huge pirate ship, a great  big sandpit and a hand-pump that the kids use to pump water up to make little dams and rivers and generally get all muddy). Around the cafe there is a huge selection of little toy cars and bikes that children can ride on. In winter you head indoors to stay warm and dry.


3- Das Spielzimmer

This is another real favourite of ours. The front of it is more coffee-house style with lovely coffee and cake. It feels more old-style coffee shop than children’s playroom in that the tables and chairs are quite grown up. There is also a little lounge area with comfy chairs. In one side of it there is a play area for really small children (think crawlers) with a low wall so they can’t escape or get underfoot.

In the back is a climbing frame and ball-pool with soft slides for bigger children.


For more ideas of things to do with kids in Berlin click on this link. You can also find some of the best playgrounds in Berlin
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