Blaues Band Cafe

Blaues Band is a favourite café for brunch or lunch; cool and airy, especially in these hot summer days. Its a great spot to take a break from retail therapy in the surrounding fashion district; or to meet friends for brunch or after-work cocktails.

We usually opt for the fantastic Scandinavian Breakfast (for 2) which includes scrambled eggs with shrimp, and salmon in a divine dill, honey and mustard sauce. The bread is plentiful and super fresh and the coffee pretty decent. They also do a substantial and delicious warm chicken salad topped with pumpkin seeds and strawberries, and some great veggie dishes, like the ricotta and herb tart with eggplant dip or the linguine with pumpkin and mint pesto. For carnivores, the evening menu offers schnitzel or rump steak.

Blaues Band is special because it maintains the right blend of stylish Berlin cool, without being pretentious; you’re just as likely to feel at home there with your mates ready for a night of clubbing as with your kids ready for their afternoon nap. And if you’re just an average punter looking for a comfortable place to read the papers, watch the parade of passers by and chill out, then Blaues Band is perfect for you too. It can get really busy on week-ends and food can take a while to arrive but its pretty certain that it will be worth the wait.

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