The Bird Restaurant – Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg

The Bird Restaurant is probably Berlin’s most famous and best burger joint. This calls itself a New York style steakhouse and bar and it does not disappoint on that front. Their chips genuinely come from potatoes (and have the skins to prove it), their burgers come from real cows and their salsa sauce kicks but like a real salsa should.
The house burger is enough to floor a wrestler and, to the delight of cardiologists the world over, they have finally killed off their monster burger and fries. This was always a bit of a joke because it was so big they said you could have it for free if you ate it all in 45 minutes. I think too many people tried and were sick so they finally dumped it.

There is no shortage of burgers to ask for at The Bird. The house burger is great but my favourite is the Gonzales, which comes with genuine guacamole (and believe me, it is not easy finding this in Berlin).

This is what they say about their burgers on the menu.

Fat New York Burgers 
All burgers are made from 250+ grams of premium German beef. In other dumps it would be a steak, here it goes through our grinder every couple of hours to become the best burgers in Berlin. Grilled to order and served with our hand cut fries, lettuce, tomato and pickle.

Note: Burger eating does not require a fork and knife
It ruins the burger, violates several laws of nature and drives the cook nearly to the point of running amok with a hot spatula. We don’t provide big rolls of paper towel for nothing. Please pick it up and get it into you, it’s just better that way.

The Bird may be famed for its burgers, but its steaks are also great. I was there with a visitor from America recently and she told me that: “I come from Texas and this is the best damned steak I’ve ever eaten in my life.”

Insiders tip

Burgers that can kill Photo source: The Bird Berlin

For desert you want to ask for cheesecake. I isn’t on the menu and you have to know to ask. You may also be disappointed as they don’t always make it. But if they have, it sure is worth it.

Be warned. If you want any hope of getting a table book early and be doubly warned that they don’t take credit cards. This place wants cash only. Given the price of their steaks (a good one will easily set you back €30) stop at the bank on the way over to The Bird. Berlin seldom tastes better.

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