Poulette Restaurant Francais

Poulette is a gorgeous little French restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg that would be worth visiting for its decor and charm alone. It is a warm and comfortable feel with friendly and efficient service. The fact that it serves excellent, if pricey, food is almost the cherry on top. It has a decidedly French menu with the usual selection with offerings that include onion soup and crème brûlée. Given the name and nature of the place I was surprised not to see the traditional chicken dishes on the menu (unless I didn’t look hard enough). I had a fantastic fish soup. This was Basque in nature rather than the usual sort from Marseilles. It was excellent if just a tad salty.

I suspect the chef had a heavy hand with salt all round that night as we both had the filet. The beef was beautifully tender, aged well and done perfectly with a nicely darkened outside and deliciously red inside. It was served with shaved truffle and a delicious little cheese and shallot tart. But for some reason it too seemed a bit over salted.
Apart from the salt we had a thoroughly excellent meal and an enjoyable evening. The price was also a little steep though. The bill for two with just half a bottle of modest wine came to almost 100 euros, largely because the steaks were almost 30 euros each. I’m getting used to paying a lot for good steak in Berlin, but that seemed just a little steep for a very good but not flawless steak. We also didn’t read the fine print about them not accepting credit cards so were almost caught short when it came time to pay the bill.

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