Lutter & Wegner

If you’re up for one of the best Wiener schnitzels in Berlin or are entertaining business guests then Lutter and Wegner will have to be on your list of places to eat at. I regularly use this restaurant for business entertaining and at lunch it has a decidedly international feel. While visiting business people are more likely to be impressed by it than locals would be, you would not go wrong meeting a Berliner there. The service is quick, the wine list has a good selection of German wines (including some good rieslings) and the location is great with views out onto the domes of Gendarmenmarkt. It is also close to the main upscale shopping and business district in Mitte.

Among the many fans of Lutter & Wegner is the New York Times. Its critic thought the schnitzel: “had been pounded into a feathery lightness, the thin coating of bread crumbs gave every bite a satisfying snap, and a quick squeeze of the accompanying lemon wedge brought a slight touch of welcome tartness to the dish. This was the Wiener schnitzel of my dreams.”

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