Baxpax Hostels Berlin Mitte

Hostels and other cheap backpacking places usually come in two varieties; cheap, cheerful and fun to be in or horrible, dirty and flea ridden. There is seldom a middle ground.

Fortunately the Baxpax hostels in Berlin are of the clean and fun variety. Their Mitte Hostel is really close to some of Berlin’s best unofficial attractions such as the Mauer Park where you can hang out on a Sunday and listen to the Bearpit Karaoke and browse the crazy stalls selling everything from bicycles and art deco to old gas masks.

Another attraction is the new synagogue at Oranienburger str. with its dome giving a great view over parts of the city.

There are some great places to eat nearby too including one of our favourites, Dada Falafel, which is just a short walk away. The hostel itself is pretty funky and has recently redecorated. The rooms are colourful and bright and if you are the sociable sort you can hang out and meet people in the lounge.

The rooms are themed and range from cozy little doubles up to full sized dorms. Prices are definitely on the cheap side of reasonable.

Baxpax also have a two other hostels. Their downtown hostel is close to the centre of town and the Baxpax Kreutzberg is close to some of the great bars and clubs in Frierichshain.

There are plenty of great hostels in Berlin to choose from and some really big names have opened recently, but these are well worth checking out.



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