Vau Berlin Review: One of Berlin’s Best Restaurants

the vau restaurant in berlinMichelin stars don’t often come in a cooler setting than Vau Berlin. This is a city that has many good restaurants but this has to count as one of the best. The ambiance is fantastic. The setting, right in the middle of Mitte, just a few steps away from the scenic Gendarmenmarkt, is about as pretty and convenient as they come. And the food is excellent.

Even in Berlin the food at a Michelin-starred restaurant is not going to come particularly cheap, but we found the atmosphere relaxed, the service excellent and the food worth every cent. One tip, however, is to take advantage of their lunch menu, which is a lot less pricey than their dinner menu.

The ingredients are incredibly fresh, the philosophy is one of simplicity and the personality of the head chef, Kolja Kleeberg, carries through in every bite. This is not yet on the foodie map of Europe. It should be. Eat here while you still can without having to book six months in advance.

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