Dolores: Berlin’s best Burritos

Dolores - Berlin Mitte Really good burritos are hard to come across in most parts of Europe. For Americans this is an especially tough discovery given the amazing Mexican food you can get in California and Texas. Fortunately there is somewhere to ease that craving. Dolores in Berlin has a great selection of burritos. These come wrapped or in bowls with a great selection of salsas, sauces and toppings from beef and pork to tofu.

I would love to say that Dolores is a Berlin secret but its not. It is a huge favourite with the crowd over at Exberlin, the English-language listings magazine, as their offices are nearby and their staff eat here all the time.

It also has a reputation among visitors and expats. This means that at lunchtime the queue will go all the way out the door. It is worth the wait.

It is open from 11:30 till 10pm Monday through Saturday. On Sundays they only open at 1pm but stay open as late as usual.

They’ve also recently expanded with a new branch called Go West out in West Berlin.

The Wednesday Chef had this to say about the Burrito shop in Mitte (but loved the one out in the West)

I was underwhelmed. The iceberg lettuce piled on top skeeved me out a little and the food beneath it was just okay. Eh, I thought. Another disappointment. Par for the course.

Each according to their own, I guess as I have always had great meals there.

The veggie eaters over at Happy Cow are generally a bit more pleased with the place because of its excellent vegetarian options including Tofu and black beans.


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