Berlin Bars

Since the fall of the wall, the Berlin bar scene has really expanded. Whether you are seeking out a hotel bar for elegance, or a more intimate bar or edgy bar, you’ll find it here.

There are still some amazing bars that have been around the Berlin scene for many years since before the Reunification. The Rum Trader in Charlottenburg at Fasanenstrasse 40 is the oldest bar around. It is located in what used to be West Berlin. Here you ring the doorbell, make sure you are dressed appropriately, and hope to be allowed in.  Opening in 1976, the bar and its furnishings are still very much the same. Gregor Scholl, the proprietor and solo barman, calls it the “Institute for Advanced Drinking.” Because the bar is semicircular and there is one table that can seat 20 guests, securing a seat is not easy, but once you’re there you’ll be charmed by Scholl’s knowledgeable and eccentric attentions and wit; some great retro dance music going back to the 1930’s and 40’s and of course, some unusual and excellent rum and gin cocktails.

Another great classic of the Berlin scene is Bar am Lutzowplatz. It became one of the first American bars in Berlin that was not part of a hotel and celebrated its 20th year anniversary in 2010. It is the longest bar in Berlin, measuring 16 metres long and its speciality is cocktails. There are about 150 of them on their list, mainly classic ones. Stefan Gluckstein, the barman says, “We restrain ourselves when it comes to our mixtures because, in our opinion, the cocktail does not need improvement.”The bar is also very popular for its wide range of music and plays everything from Latin and Reggae to Jazz, Funk and Soul. Check out their website:

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