White Trash Fast Food

White TrashWhite Trash Fast Food has become something of a Mitte institution. Housed in what was once a Chinese restaurant, the décor now includes some pretty alternative rock ‘n roll memorabilia, alongside Chinese kitsch, mirror balls and some pretty bizarre Goth taxidermy (think a stuffed bat hanging upside down from a mirror ball).

It hosts regular DJ’s , rock ‘n roll cabaret and other live music events-we’re talking the likes of  ‘DJ Lobotomy’, ‘Hogjaw US Southern Rock’ and events like “Its my party, fuck you!” – you get the picture…..

It’s a pretty spacious venue and the food isn’t bad if you’re into American fast food fare. They do a pretty good cheeseburger and we enjoyed their tacos and their hickory smoked barbeque ribs. They make a mean Bloody Mary too.

Opinion is divided-some call it a pretentious tourist trap; others rate the place as really cool spot to hang out and drink too much with your friends. Check it out-either way, it will make an impression.


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