GM26: East Berlin Cool in the Cold Heart of West Berlin

GM26 in BerlinWest Berlin has a lot going for it, from the amazing lakes and woods to broad, tree-lined avenues. But it still lacks a bit of the edgy cool that characterises East Berlin and neighbourhoods such as Prenzlauer Berg or Friedrichshain. That is starting to change with the opening of GM26, a new and super-cool coffee shop in Steglitz.

At the time we visited (July 2014) it had just been open for a short while and was still finding its feet, but it has a great atmosphere and looks set to become a firm favourite. In summer you can chill out in the relaxing quiet of the courtyard a
nd in winter it will likely provide a great and cozy atmosphere. Food is good, even if getting something is still a bit hit and miss (they seem to still run out of food quite a bit – not a bad thing as you know you are getting fresh stuff). The beer is cool, the coffee is good. What more could you want?


gm26-2 gm26-3

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