Flower’s Boarding House Mitte

When I first started traveling to Berlin for business I started staying at Flower’s Boarding House in Mitte. It costs about the same as a decent business hotel such as the Hilton, but is a lot more personal. It gives you a bit more space and a small kitchen so you can do the occasional meal. There are more than enough good restaurants nearby including Monsieur Vuong which is almost directly across the road so you aren’t stuck in a boring hotel dining room. I also suggest it to friends as you can easily sleep four people in their smaller rooms or more in the bigger ones which works out quite cheaply per person and it is a lot cozier than a normal hotel.
It is also slap bang in the middle of Berlin’s fashion district so there is plenty of good shopping nearby.
Address: Mulackstraße 1
Tel. 0049 – (0)30 – 280 453 06

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