Berlin’s Supper Clubs

The old school idea of the supper club where one could go for an all inclusive evening of fine dining, socializing and entertainment is enjoying a revival though with a slightly different take to the supper clubs of old. Nowadays supper clubs are more akin to ‘guerilla dining’; small, secret underground clubs, sometimes with the venue only revealed shortly before the meal and once you’ve managed to score a coveted invitation.

You’re served a pre-arranged set menu; you can bring your own booze and guests are asked to pay a suggested ‘donation’ at the end of the night. And the entertainment is the peculiar intimacy of the social experience itself. Here jaded diners experience an immediate intimacy with the chef, the funny sort of thrill of being in a stranger’s home, and get to connect with 8 or so other ‘guests’ (who are also likely to be complete strangers).

The hope (and our experience) is that guests’ desire for more than just great food in a pleasant but  exclusive and anonymous environment and for real connecting with like-minded others amply smooths the initial social awkwardness and that as the wine flows, people are swopping stories and email addresses. Some of Berlin’s supper clubs are so secretive that its unlikely you’ll find out about them unless you’re well connected, while others have their own blogs.

Check out our recent find,  Fisk and Groonsaaken Supper Club in Prenzlauer Berg who really do serve up quality cuisine in a cosy environment without the gourmet attitude. Or the Shy Chef who cooks more regularly at a gorgeous venue in Kreuzberg. And if you’re visiting Berlin and hoping to enjoy a supper club experience, then be in touch well in advance if you’re hoping to bag a seat at the table.

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