Trippen’s Hot Shoes

Okay, I have a thing for shoes so indulge me here. And I don’t mean Louboutin’s or Manalo’s-I mean shoes that are a little bit different-urban shoes with street cred, shoes with courage, shoes that the fashion victim or prissy princess may pass by. If this resonates for you (whoever you are, man, woman or child), you’ll find them at Trippen.

Trippen is all about edgy, unique shoes that are also super-comfortable, and functional. They are pricey but are high quality and hand-made and the company has a strong social responsibility ethic.

Check out their Berlin stores (the shops themselves are worth a visit even if you’re just window shopping) at:

* Trippen Gallery, Alte Schönhauser Strasse, 45, 10119, Berlin

* Trippen Flagship Store, Hackesche Höfe, Hof 4&6, 10178, Berlin

* Trippen Family, Knaackstrasse 26, 10405, Berlin

Opening hours are a civilized 11 – 20h00, Monday to Friday and Saturday: 10 – 19h00.

If you want to have a look at their current collection, go online at:

Just one word of warning, they very clearly state that Trippen shoes are for urban wear only-they mean it! So don’t go wearing your handmade leather sandals when climbing down a rockface or wearing your orange (vegetable tanned) boots in the rain and snow. I’d say the worn and faded look add to their cred, but others may disagree

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