Tempelhof Park – A Great Green Space From an Airport in the Centre of Berlin

There are few things more surreal and more amazing than Tempelhof Park, a green space that has been created in the middle of Berlin from the old Tempelhof Airport.

When approaching this park, the first thing you see is the imposing facade of the Nazi-era airport that was built as a showpiece in the 1930s. At one time this was one of the world’s biggest buildings. It is also one of the most brutal and ugly buildings around. The history though is interesting, for not only was it an important airport during World War 2, it also served as a key hub for the allies to use during the Berlin airlift, when the city was kept alive by an air-bridge that carried supplies to the Western portions after the Soviets cut all communication with the city.
Now, however, it has become an amazing open space that fills up with cyclists, rollerbladers and runners. It has  huge expanse of grass that stretches way out into the distance. It also has some strange leftovers from the airport’s time as an American airbase. These include a shooting range and parachute training towers.
To get a sense of the history of the place you can sign up for tours that take you through the buildings, into the old bunkers and past walls shot full of bullet-holes. You can read a bit more about the history in an article in The Independent here. Or you could just chill out with a beer and kebab or burger at the Beer garden.
In summer it is a great place to visit to picnic. It is also fantastic for kids as they can run or ride to their hearts’ content without you having to worry about traffic as no cars are allowed inside.
The best way to get there is to take the U6 line and get off at Paradestrasse or you could take the U8 to Bodenstrasse.

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